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This week Assembly Members will discuss austerity as part of a debate, tabled by Plaid Cymru, which calls for an end to austerity politics. The debate is sure to be lively with clear political divisions over the benefit and cost of austerity in the UK and in Wales.

Discussion of austerity can often fail to consider the varying degree that policies aimed at reducing the deficit affect different groups. Since 2010 and the start of the austerity agenda many groups, Chwarae Teg included, have warned of the disproportionate impact that these policies are having on women. The Fawcett Society have termed this “the triple jeopardy” – women are being hit hardest by cuts to public sector jobs and wages, hit hardest by cuts to public services and benefits and are likely to be left to fill the gaps where services are withdrawn.

The cost of this triple jeopardy can be very high. It has been estimated that since 2010 the public sector has lost 631,000 jobs across the UK (GMB) and that with current budget plans by 2019 there could be a further 1m job losses (IFS). As a region of the UK with the highest percentage of the workforce in the public sector the impact of these job losses in Wales could be significant.

Given that women make up the majority of the public sector workforce it is fair to say that they will likely feel the brunt of further cuts in this area. While the private sector is seeing jobs created this may not be the cure all that some purport it to be. There is a significant difference in the average pay that women in the public and private sectors receive, with those in the public sector being paid 2.2% – 3.1% more (ONS). Women in the private sector are also less likely to be in high skilled jobs, 16% compared to 42% (ONS).

Cuts to public services and benefits are also affecting women to a greater extent, with some estimating that 74% of the savings being made through welfare reform is coming directly from women’s pockets (Fawcett Society). Wales is being particularly hard hit by welfare reform changes and as services such as public transport and childcare feel the pinch women could find themselves facing additional barriers to the workplace and having to fill the gaps where services are cut.

The danger of this triple jeopardy is that we could inadvertently be pushing women further from the labour market. Since 2006 the UK has fallen from 9th to 26th in the world for gender equality. We cannot afford to slip any further.

We welcome the debate this week as it’s important that the issue of austerity is discussed in an open and frank manner. It is vital however, that the disproportionate impact of these policies on women is a key feature of these discussions. Gender inequality remains a feature of life in Wales and the UK. To make this a thing of the past we must ensure that the policies of both the UK and Welsh Governments do not disadvantage women and that action is taken to ensure women are not left to pay the price for austerity.

Photo thanks to Flickr user @Doug888888

Photo thanks to Flickr user @Doug888888

Ydy menywod yn talu’r pris am gyni?

Yr wythnos hon bydd Aelodau’r Cynulliad yn trafod cyni fel rhan o ddadl a gyflwynwyd gan Blaid Cymru sy’n galw am roi terfyn ar wleidyddiaeth gyni. Mae’r ddadl yn siŵr o fod yn un fywiog gyda’r pleidiau’n rhanedig ynghylch manteision a chost cyni yn y DU ac yng Nghymru.

Yn aml iawn, gall trafodaethau am gyni fethu ystyried i ba raddau mae polisïau a gynlluniwyd i leihau’r diffyg yn effeithio ar wahanol grwpiau. Ers 2010 a dechrau’r agenda gyni mae llawer o grwpiau, a Chwarae Teg yn eu plith, wedi rhybuddio am effaith anghymesur y polisïau hyn ar fenywod. Mae Cymdeithas Fawcett wedi galw hyn yn “berygl triphlyg” (the triple jeopardy) – menywod sy’n dioddef waethaf yn sgil toriadau i swyddi a chyflogau yn y sector cyhoeddus, sy’n dioddef waethaf yn sgil toriadau i wasanaethau cyhoeddus a budd-daliadau ac sy’n debygol o orfod llenwi’r bylchau pan fo gwasanaethau’n cael eu dileu.

Gall cost y perygl triphlyg hwn fod yn uchel iawn. Amcangyfrifwyd bod y sector cyhoeddus wedi colli 631,000 o swyddi ledled y DU ers 2010 ac y gallai miliwn o swyddi eraill ddiflannu erbyn 2019 ar sail cynlluniau’r gyllideb gyfredol. Gan mai Cymru yw’r wlad sydd â’r ganran uchaf o weithwyr sector cyhoeddus, gallai colli’r swyddi hyn gael effaith sylweddol ar y wlad.

O gofio mai menywod yw mwyafrif gweithlu’r sector cyhoeddus, mae’n deg dweud mai nhw fydd yn dwyn baich toriadau pellach yn y maes hwn. Er bod swyddi’n cael eu creu yn y sector preifat efallai nad dyma’r ateb wedi’r cwbl. Mae yna wahaniaeth sylweddol rhwng cyflogau cyfartalog menywod yn y sectorau cyhoeddus a phreifat, gyda menywod y sector cyhoeddus yn ennill 2.2% – 3.1% yn fwy o gyflog (Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol). Mae menywod y sector cyhoeddus hefyd yn llai tebygol o fod mewn swyddi hyfedr, 16% o gymharu â 42% (Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol).

Mae toriadau i wasanaethau cyhoeddus a budd-daliadau hefyd yn effeithio mwy ar fenywod, gyda rhai yn amcangyfrif bod 74% o’r arbedion sy’n cael eu sicrhau drwy ddiwygio’r system les yn dod yn syth o bocedi menywod (Cymdeithas Fawcett). Mae newidiadau i’r system les yn cael effaith arbennig o wael ar Gymru ac wrth i’r esgid wasgu ar wasanaethau fel trafnidiaeth gyhoeddus a gofal plant gall menywod orfod wynebu rhwystrau ychwanegol o ran eu gallu i weithio ac efallai y bydd rhaid iddynt lenwi’r bylchau pan fydd gwasanaethau’n cael eu torri.

Mae perygl i’r perygl triphlyg hwn wthio menywod ymhellach i ffwrdd o’r farchnad lafur. Ers 2006 mae’r DU wedi syrthio o’r 9fed safle yn y byd i’r 26ain, o safbwynt cydraddoldeb rhywiol. Ni allwn fforddio llithro ymhellach.

Rydym yn croesawu’r ddadl yr wythnos hon gan ei bod hi’n bwysig cael trafodaeth agored a diffuant am gyni. Fodd bynnag, mae’n hanfodol sicrhau bod effaith anghymesur y polisïau hyn ar fenywod yn elfen allweddol o’r trafodaethau hyn. Mae anghydraddoldeb rhywiol yn parhau i fodoli yng Nghymru a’r DU. Er mwyn cael gwared ar hyn mae’n rhaid i ni sicrhau nad yw polisïau Llywodraethau’r DU a Chymru yn rhoi menywod o dan anfantais a bod camau’n cael eu cymryd i sicrhau nad yw menywod yn gorfod talu’r pris am gyni.

Cari Davies

My name is Cari Davies

I’m working on a new online blog project called “She Belongs In…”

I’m looking for women working in industries traditionally dominated by men, or  those who have reached a position of seniority usually filled by men.

The idea is to share the stories of these women through blog posts and/or interviews. I’m hoping to raise awareness of some of the problems women face in these industries and also help to make women in these roles more visible.

Contributions can be self-written or I can meet with contributors and conduct an interview to either edit into an audio/video piece or write up myself.

Contributors can choose to remain anonymous should they wish to.

I’d love for as many people to be a part of this as possible so if you think you’re suitable or know of someone who might be please get in touch.





Recently I had the great opportunity to attend Sumlab2014, a collection of communication experts who gathered to share new ways to learn / share good practice across EU projects. We shared lot’s of ideas and these are just 3 of the many great ideas we discussed!

1.   Change Hurts!

Mark Comerford, lecturer in journalism and new media shared some excellent insights to the world of change and communication.

His opening remarks revolved around the idea that change will create disruption and friction, this friction will be painful and this pain will lead to alienation of employees and other stakeholders.

To illustrate this he cited a experiment involving students who were required to walk down an alleyway before being hit in the face. The control group were told that they would be hit at some point whilst the test group were not. The control group registered far less pain, despite being hit with the same force. It served to show how understanding change and being able to contextualise it can lead to less friction and therefore less pain.

2. Know Your Values and the Message Will Follow

Mark told us the story of a Cheerios advert in America who had cast a multi-coloured family as part of their campaign. They had received a number of complaints from some members of the public who didn’t approve of the casting. Instead of grovelling or recalling the advert they, issued a statement effectively stating that they didn’t want these people to buy their products. They may have lost out on sales but what they have gained by sticking to their values and principles is immeasurable.

“Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face”

- Mike Tyson (this is the only inspirational quote in here, I promise)

When things don’t go to plan or the strategy you had in place falls apart you fall back on your values and ethics, it’s important to know not only what you stand for but also what you stand against.

3. Get Creative

Spiderman Street ArtWe talked a lot about low cost high impact campaigns, here are a few ideas that really stuck with me:

Guerilla Marketing

Jiri from Prague, showed us these amazing 3D street art paintings that were created by a local artist. They were easy to produce, gathered a lot of attention and made for great pictures for people to share.

I couldn’t find the ones Jiri showed us, but this is one of my favourite examples of 3D street art.


Quick Videos

@DorotheeFischer showed us how quick videos, edited on-the-fly videos can still have a big impact and how apps like Vine and Instagram are changing the way we communicate. We’ve got to become quicker, slicker and more inventive with our video communication

Here’s the Youtube playlist of the adverts Dorothee showed us. This is probably my favourite advert, it’s from Dollar Shave Club, I think it shows how you can still get your message across in a fun and innovative way without having high production cost, plus it’s hilarious!

The conference took place at the beautiful city of Matera in Southern Italy. Where we were spoilt with picturesque views of an enchanting cityscape and dined on sumptuous local cuisine and wine.


Matera is campaigning for the European City of culture 2019 having heard their history and been treated to their hospitality, I truly hope they succeed.

3 Gwersi Cyfathrebu gan Sumlab2014


Yn ddiweddar cefais gyfle gwerth chweil i fynd i Sumlab2014, lle’r oedd criw dethol o arbenigwyr cyfathrebu wedi dod ynghyd i rannu ffyrdd newydd o ddysgu / rhannu arfer da ar draws prosiectau’r Undeb Ewropeaidd. Cawsom gyfle i rannu llawer o syniadau a dyma 3 yn unig o’r nifer fawr o syniadau gwych a drafodwyd!

1.   Mae Unrhyw Newid yn Boenus!

Rhoddodd Mark Comerford, darlithydd mewn newyddiaduraeth a’r cyfryngau newydd, gipolwg gwerthfawr i ni o fyd o newidiadau a chyfathrebu.

Roedd ei sylwadau agoriadol yn ymwneud â’r syniad bod newid yn tarfu ac yn creu drwgdeimlad, a bod y drwgdeimlad hwn yn boenus a’r boen yn arwain at ymddieithrio ymysg gweithwyr cyflogedig a rhanddeiliaid eraill.

Er mwyn dangos hyn, dangosodd arbrawf yn cynnwys myfyrwyr yr oedd gofyn iddyn nhw gerdded i lawr stryd gefn cyn cael eu taro yn eu hwynebau. Hysbyswyd y grŵp rheoli y bydden nhw’n cael eu taro rhyw bryd neu’i gilydd, ond ni hysbyswyd y grŵp arbrawf. Roedd y grŵp rheoli’n cofrestru llawer llai o boen, er gwaethaf y ffaith eu bod wedi’u taro yn eu hwynebau’n eithaf caled. Roedd hyn yn dangos sut y gall deall newid, a’i roi mewn cyd-destun, arwain at lai o wrthdaro ac felly, llai o boen.

2. Byddwch Sicr o’ch Gwerthoedd a bydd y Neges yn Dilyn

Adroddodd Mark stori wrthym am hysbyseb Cheerios yn yr Unol Daleithiau o oedd â chast o deulu gyda gwahanol liw croen fel rhan o’u hymgyrch. Roedden nhw wedi derbyn nifer o gwynion gan rai aelodau o’r cyhoedd nad oedd yn cymeradwyo natur y castio. Yn hytrach na chwyno neu alw’r hysbyseb yn ôl, penderfynwyd cyhoeddi datganiad yn datgan yn effeithiol nad oedden nhw am i’r bobl hyn brynu eu cynnyrch. Efallai eu bod wedi colli allan ar werthiant ond mae’r hyn y maen nhw wedi’i ennill drwy lynu at eu gwerthoedd a’u hegwyddorion yn ddi-fesur.

“Mae gan bob un ohonom gynllun nes ein bod yn cael ein llorio”

– Mike Tyson (dyma’r unig ddyfyniad ysbrydoledig yma, rwy’n addo)

Pan nad yw pethau’n mynd fel roeddech chi wedi’i obeithio neu pan fo’r strategaeth a oedd gennych chi yn y lle cyntaf yn chwalu a chithau’n troi at eich gwerthoedd a’ch moeseg, mae’n bwysig eich bod yn gwybod dros beth rydych chi’n sefyll a dros beth nad ydych chi’n sefyll.

3. Byddwch yn Greadigol

Spiderman Street ArtBuom yn siarad llawer am ymgyrchoedd rhad ac effeithiol, a dyma rai syniadau sydd wedi gwneud argraff arna i.

Marchnata Herwfilwyr

Dangosodd Jiri o Brâg baentiadau celf stryd 3D anhygoel i ni a gafodd eu creu gan artist

lleol. Roedden nhw’n hawdd eu creu, yn denu llawer o sylw ac yn gwneud lluniau gwych i bobl eu rhannu.

Doeddwn i ddim yn gallu dod o hyd i’r rhai a ddangosodd Jiri i ni, ond dyma un o fy hoff enghreifftiau o gelf stryd 3D.

Fideos Cyflym

Dangosodd @DorotheeFischer i ni sut y gall fideos cyflym, fideos real wedi’u golygu, gael effaith sylweddol o hyd a sut mae apps fel Vine ac Instagram yn newid y ffordd rydym ni’n cyfathrebu. Mae’n rhaid i ni fod yn gyflymach, yn fwy slic ac yn fwy creadigol wrth gyfathrebu mewn fideo.

Dyma’r rhestr chwarae Youtube o’r hysbysebion a ddangosodd Dorothee i ni. Dyma fy ffefryn mae’n siŵr, sef yr un o’r Dollar Shave Club. Rwy’n credu ei fod yn dangos sut y gallwch chi gyfleu eich neges yn ddoniol ac arloesol heb gostau cynhyrchu uchel, ac mae’n ddoniol iawn!

Cynhaliwyd y gynhadledd yn ninas brydferth Matera yn Ne’r Eidal. Roedd mwynhau’r golygfeydd godidog o’r ddinas hudolus yn brofiad gwerth chweil a chawsom gyfle i flasu’r bwyd a’r gwin lleol, hyfryd.


Mae Matera yn ymgyrchu i gael ei galw’n Ddinas Diwylliant Ewropeaidd 2019 ac ar ôl clywed ei hanes a chael blas ar ei lletygarwch, rydw i’n gobeithio’n wir y bydd yn llwyddo.



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